Inspiration - Desert Sky (14)

Ring "Ethnic Skulls blue"
From 13,999.00 THB
Necklace "ethnic"
21,999.00 THB
Necklace "triangle blue"
13,999.00 THB
Ring "Black Scarab"
15,999.00 THB
Bead "Ethnic blue"
2,499.00 THB
Ring "ethnic"
Sold Out
Bead "Black Scarab"
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Bead "ethno black"
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Ring "blue scarab "
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Necklace "Ethnic Cross"
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Traditional symbolism, intense blue and modern style combine to create artistic pieces of jewellery.

With the Desert Sky designs, THOMAS SABO invites you to discover the millennia-old mysticism and silversmithing art of the Saharan nomads in THOMAS SABO reinterpretations made of 925 Sterling silver.

Each jewellery item becomes a highly personal companion or lucky charm and carries a special significance thanks to its radiance.